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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I moved to the area in July 2021 and have been seeing Evelyn monthly since then. You wouldn't think it, but having a desk job actually causes a lot of muscular aches and pains for me, though not always in the same location from month to month. However, Evelyn always consults with me to begin my visit so she can ensure she provides exactly the relief I need. She is 100% receptive to my direction but is also able to apply her expertise and uses very effective methods that achieve relief every time. Before seeing Evelyn I had tension headaches a few times a month; I haven't had one since. The room is always warm, smells nice, and is not too bright. Coupled with the spa music, it's a very relaxing atmosphere and the table is comfortable. If you request the hot stones in advance, it's nice and soothing, especially on the winter, and really relaxes the muscles. Worth every penny, along with Evelyn's

work! She is professional yet warm, receptive and skilled, and more effective than any other therapist I've seen. Thanks, Evelyn"

"You will not regret working with Evelyn. I entered her care at the beginning of 2021 in a time of burnout and had very specific massage needs that she always accommodated and continues to! I look forward to each of my sessions because I know that a ton of relief exists on the other side. She is incredibly professional, friendly, and person-centered!"

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